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In Ideasia we offer consulting services for both export and import.
  Export Services: We represent companies helping them to sell abroad, we are specialized in the wine industry.
Import Services: We help companies to import industrial products from Asia.

About us

About us

The name of our company came out of a”brainstorming” session more than 10 years ago. From the experience of our trading partners in the Asian market and our constant search for ideas the name IDEASIA was born. A memorable name which is closely linked to the Asian markets, where we specialized our early efforts. Today we can proudly say that in addition to our even greater experience with the Asian markets , we have expanded into many more markets like the U.S. and Europe.



We work with our clients helping them to commercialize their products abroad. The two business lines of IDEASIA are:

IDEASIA: Focus on imports of industrial products from Asia.
IDEWINE: Commercial representation for the wine industry both in US and Spain.

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  • Clients

We have clients around the world: Chinese companies that we represent commercially abroad and European companies that we represent commercially in other countries such as China or the United States. We represent US companies in Spain too.

I solved all the doubts and uncertainties. Import and export is an easy task with Ideasia.

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